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Vaccinating Young puppies

Posted by [email protected] on October 27, 2011 at 12:25 AM

Vaccination is important to build immunity’s against germs that dogs may be exposed to, and not already have a natural immunity to.


Our puppies are given a first Vaccination of Parvo around the ages of 5-6 weeks old. In our area in the Valley this is the most common germ that kills puppies, and we want our babies to be protected at home and else where.


At 8 weeks old, when they are about ready to go home, we do Vaccinate them again with a 5 way Vaccine. This Vaccine has Parvo,Parainfluinza, Adeno (2 types), and Distemper.


These are not the only Vaccines your pet will need to have strong immunity. At 10-12 weeks you will want to booster with a 5 way. Then againat 13-15 weeks.


The final puppy Vaccine is Rabies, we prefer that your puppy does not get a Rabies Vaccine until one month AFTER its last Puppy shot. If you do Rabies in combination with any other Vaccine it voids our warranty. The reason we are so strongly against multiple vaccination with a Rabies is that it increases risks of damaging the immune system ( things like Cushing’s, diabetes,lupus, cancer, allergies are all immune issues) , also it can cause seizures.

Please do Vaccinate, Rabies in Canines in America is nealy wiped out, however wild animals do still cary Rabies and it can be transfered from them- to our dogs- to us threw salava.( Even shared water dishes.)


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