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The 8 year Guarantee ..

Posted by [email protected] on October 27, 2011 at 12:35 AM

Why would we Guarantee our dogs for 8 years ?

   The reson is that there are some things that are not apparent in the first year of life, that might show its self many years later.

   We Guarantee your new pet to be free from any crippling Genetic defect that will lessen the dogs ability to be a good pet, or cause a fatal desease. We do replace, but do not require the return of your first pet. We must have an necropsy, or a detailed Vet report sent no later than 10 days of finding the problem, and we do withold the right to have the dog seen by our own Vet.

   My main concern is that the puppy/dog is taken very good care of. In exchange for our 8 year Guarantee the new owner must keep their pet on Super Premium foods, use our NuVet wafers, and keep their pet on Health insurance ( or guarantee us that they can pay for there own Vet bills out of pocket).

   AKC does sell Health insurance now, its price will depend on where you live. When you buy an AKC puppy from us its important that you do register the puppy right away ( $30 min), and they will email you a coupon for a free tube of K9 Advantix II plus a free Vet visit !! You can't beat that.

  Also part of my guarantee is that you promise to never abandon your pet. Please put in your will, or tell others where you got your pet, and that should something happen to you that the Pet comes back to us, or to a loving family member who will keep in touch with us. If you have a problem with the pet, and cannot keep it because of your own lifestyle , its always welcome back to us and we will find it a good home.

If you have anything to add , or have questions, or would like to see our written Guarantee that is signed - please contact us at [email protected]

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