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Peanut's family

Good Morning Whisper!

It's Nirla! I just wanted to send you some pictures of our "Peanut" and let you know how he's doing! Peanut is so sweet; we love him sooo much! I promised you I'd keep in touch - we're FAMILY now after all : )

All About Peanut: Peanut loooves to cuddle, he sleeps with me in my bed every night, he thinks I'm his mom, lol, and he loves carrots! He is potty trained now and he is very intelligent, curious & obedient. He loves to please! His best friend is "Puffy," our 12 week old Eskipoo (poodle / eskimo pup) and Abby, our 3 year-old daughter. Peanut is so tiny! He gets lost in my bed all the time and can usually be found under 3-5 blankets or piles of laundry taking naps. We live right next to a huge park and every single one of our neighbors has 1-3 dogs per household (we are all dog lovers around here)! We also live right next to a beautiful, well lit, paved path with benches, and take "the boys" (Puffy & Peanut) on walks with us all the time - they love it! We are obsessed with Halloween and have bought the boys their costumes! Lol! I'll send you pics of them all dressed up soon!

I hope all is well with you & your beautiful family. When is your pregnant weenie dog mama having her babies? How is she? We'd love to know - we really can't just have 1 weenie dog! We plan on purchasing again from you in the near future. We really love this breed and your blood lines produce such sweet, gentle, high class, super soft & beautiful puppies : )

Thinking of you all,



At Ground hounds we are big on nutrition, and huge on quality of health. We Guarantee our puppies for 8 years against all crippling or fatal genetic defects. We push the NuVet wafers because they help fill the gap of nutrition and antioxidants that dog food does not contain. Its very important to not only grow puppies up healthy, but support adults immune function and joint health. Our Guarantee is dependent on feeding the dog the best Super Premium foods and using the NuVet wafers -Because we care. 

We have both past customer references, and also Vet References. Many of our puppy buyers either recommend us or come back for there 2nd - 3rd dog. We try to make your visit a special and informative experience, because of this we ask that you call in advance so that I can focus on your family. 

If you have a Ground hound dog and would like to be added to our Compare page - please contact me at [email protected] 

Asia - Dale's Puppy

Asia is a Velvet X Ken daughter. Full sister to Cupcake. She is more compact than Velvet or Cupake, however she has a luxurious coat.  

Kassi's girl

Adventures of Leroy !

Katie's special boy Leroy ! He has his own special yard, and get's to go to work with her. He is famous and loved :)

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